• Aung & Thuzar
    Aung & Thuzar
    We cannot say enough about how much we recommend Realtor Tobias Williams. He assisted my wife and me with the purchase of our first home in south Surrey in December 2021. He has professionalism and knowledge within the industry to provide us advice whenever needed. Moreover, he’s patient, prompt and responsive. He knows our likes and dislikes and is never pushy. As we were at the starting peak time of the increase of housing prices, it was very difficult in winning bids to properties. However, he was there to encourage us “to be persistent and not to give up” and gave some other advice. This finally led us to purchase our dream home with a reasonable market price. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is thinking about buying a house. I have a very high confidence that he’ll be able to give full satisfaction to his next client like he treated us.
  • Melvin & Cathy
    Melvin & Cathy
    Tobias sold our mothers home which we had purchased a number of years prior. The house was built in the mid 1950’s. We explained to Tobias that the house had a buried oil tank. Tobias contacted a company that was familiar with handling the oil tank, he secured us a reasonable rate and was in contact with the company and us during the removal and renumeration. The house sold within 2 weeks of the listing and for more than asking price. Tobias has integrity and professionalism, he has great communication skills and made the selling easy! Thank-you Tobias!
  • The Wong Family 
    The Wong Family 
    在眾多來信中 我搵到呢一位經紀 Tobias Williams 幫我賣咗兩個屋 在3404 Don Moore Dr 高贵林 及 3418 同一條街上 賣價錢双當不錯 介紹一位盡責 有禮貌 勤力 任勞任怨 英俊西人男經纪 比大家認識 他的名字  Tobias  Williams 以後我一定推薦比我的女兒 及你們 你們有需要嘅唔好錯過呢 一位 優秀經紀
  • Mrs. Wong
    Mrs. Wong
    介紹一位盡責 有禮貌 勤力 任勞任怨 英俊西人男經纪 比大家認識 他的名字 Tobias 以後我一定推薦比我的女兒 及你們 你們有需要嘅唔好錯過呢 一位 優秀經紀 Tobias Williams
  • Al Guenther
    Al Guenther
    To all individuals who are looking for a reliable realtor I recommend that you look to the services of Tobias. I have found him to be very committed to his clients. As an example if a customer wanted to view my home Tobias made the time to be present every time. I respected his thoughts and opinions and as well his full effort to close the sale with my interests in mind. Shucks he even cut my lawn for free when I was out of town to make the property look appropriate for viewing! If you want someone who has your best interest in mind then Tobias is your man.  
  • Julia

    Thank you Tobias for your thoughtful and courteous efforts with the sale of my home. I was overwhelmed with what was to be done but with your professional guidance and caring manner the sale was quick and effortless. I will highly recommend you to any of my family and friends in need of a realtor. Thank you again. Julia.

  • Cindy Nguyen
    Cindy Nguyen
    I approached Tobias because of his professionalism and communication skills. I knew he would be perfect to represent me when negotiating a purchase. He was able to provide advice when we were drawing up the contract and as a result I was able to successfully purchase my first home! He made the searching process easy by setting me up with the online client service portal. It lets you specify the type of home you are looking for, price range, bedrooms, neighbourhood, etc. and makes the “searching” part of it very easy. The portal is always up to date and you can add the homes you like to a favourites page. When it came to viewing the homes, Tobias understood my busy schedule and was able to book multiple showings at one time so my time was not wasted. He always followed up and that showed his dedication to his clients. I would definately use his services again!
  • Meme & George
    Meme & George
    We met Tobias in viewing a house he was representing. It was a pleasure to have him as our buying agent. He is knowledgeable,supportive and helpful in all of our concerns. We bought a foreclosed home through him and he’s been very helpful and walked us through the whole process. He has an excellent home searching tool that we found very useful. Thanks Tobias! We couldn’t be happier without your kind support. If you need any further information or have questions regarding Tobias you can reach us at mmt6866@gmail.com
  • Bahador & Sogol
    Bahador & Sogol
    Tobias Williams recently sold our home. We were more than happy with his service, he sold our property in 4 weeks and for a price and dates that we were very happy with. He addressed all of our concerns and was professional throughout the whole process. We felt very cared for and that he represented us and negotiated for us to the fullest extent. We would recommend him for all your real estate needs. Bahador & Sogol